Team Bonding

team bondingAs competition season starts to pick up, it is so important to make sure that everyone on your team feels comfortable around each other! Every year there are new people, and making sure that you reach out to them is necessary! Team bonding is crucial and can really have a positive impact on how a team develops throughout the season. Try and do at least 1-2 team bonding events each season! Don’t wait for your coaches to plan something, take the initiative to plan something on your own!

Some fun team bonding ideas are:Ropes Course with your team

  • Movie Sleepover Night: What’s better than some chick flicks and a pillow fight with your teammates?!
  • Go Out to Eat as a Team: Who doesn’t love food?!
  • Ropes Course: Face your fear of heights with your teammates cheering you on!
  • Volunteering: Nothing is better than giving back to your community while spending time with teammates!
  • Craft Night: Make matching team bracelets together and wear them until they fall off!
  • Themed Practice: Vote on your favorite theme and get creative with the costumes!
  • Music Video: Dress up in cute costumes and sing and dance to your favorite song! Record the video and share with your gym!

And remember, whatever your team ends up doing, always make sure that everyone is included, and that you are making safe decisions!blue hands

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