Competition Jitters

With summer now officially over, the best time of the year is quickly underway. Yep, you guessed it, competition season! Time to lace up your cheer shoes, break in your new uniforms, and approach those glorious purple mats for the first time this year. Unfortunately, along with the excitement of competitions, comes the jitters. That awful nerve racking feeling you get when your palms start sweating and you suddenly can’t remember the routine. Luckily for you, there are 3 easy steps to get over those dreadful jitters.

  • First things first, breathe. As obvious as it may sound, taking long, deep breaths and slowing your heart rate down is the easiest way to help get competition jitters under control.
  • Next, go over the routine in your head from start to finish. Go over every count, motion, and facial that you plan on doing while competing.
  • Lastly, with cheerleading being a team sport, the best thing to do is bond with your team before stepping out on the mat. Whether it’s chanting, team pep talks or praying, do whatever works for you and your team.

No other time of the year compares to competition season. Don’t let jitters ruin one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. Don’t forget these 3 easy steps and you’ll go from jitters to rocking your routine out like a professional!ef45b27a6e0acae689604cb8953df4c4

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