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Sr. Elite is BACK!

Hi everyone, I’m Amber Pickens, Cheer Extreme Senior Elite!  This is my sixth year at Cheer Extreme, my second year on Senior Elite.  I am a 2013 World Champion and a 2012 Coed Elite Majors Champion.  This will be my third time competing at The Majors.  Being selected as a team to compete at The Majors is such an honor and we look forward to it every year!  Image

The Majors is full of excitement from start to finish.  I love how the teams are videoed while the practices lead up to The Majors.  I always look forward to watching my competitors to get a sneak peek of their routine.  All the teams have so much talent; it’s incredible.  The night before The Majors, they host a special banquet just for the teams selected to compete.  It’s so nice meeting athletes from different gyms and making new friends.  Then comes the night of the event.  Warm-ups can be very intense.  Yes, we are all friends, but in the end, we are all after the same win.  Image

The stage of The Majors is like no other.  To hear your name called out individually, as you walk on the mat, into a spotlight, you feel like a superstar performing at your own concert.  They even have the fog effect to go along with our entrance.  You can’t see the audience but you can definitely hear the roar of your fans.  

The routine that our Coach, Courtney Smith Pope, has choreographed for Senior Elite is the most challenging routine ever.  From start to finish, we have to push ourselves and encourage each other to be able to pull through this routine.  Senior Elite has already started intense conditioning to maximize our endurance.  There are many surprises in store.  Be sure to follow me, with the rest of Senior Elite, while we prepare for The Majors!
Much love,
Amber Pickens
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